Two basics shared for the Rush wars game! Tips and tricks are given

Rush Wars is one game which is recently launched on the Google and ios platforms. You can download this game for free of cost anytime, although the game has just soft launch in some parts of the world like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Rest need to have some wait for the start. The gameplay of the game is excellent, and it offers various activities in the game. You will not regret after the download of the game into the mobile phone you use daily in your life. Apply rush wars cheats tool in the game to get some rapid progress in the game.

Below you will see some basic to play the game and some useful facts about the game, which is quite necessary to learn before play the game.

Need for gold

You need gold in the game to dominate the levels of the game. To get gold in the game, you need to attack the enemy’s base camp and also need to protect your base from the invaders. This activity is quite a lengthy process, and to decrease this activity and you can use the rush wars cheats in the game minimize the task then play very quickly.

Try to secure the army and guards

For to invade in the game you need troops and guard, but if your military and guards are enough activities to attack the camp of the opponent then you may lose the battle in the game and to make good attacks on the enemy try to make your troops and guards stronger in the game by using the gathered gold.

Finally, from the lines as mentioned above, you will able to understand the basics of the game quickly. Just apply rush wars cheats to make good army and guards without having gold in the game.