Restaurant DASH: 8 tips to ace the game

Restaurant DASH: 8 tips to ace the game

Restaurant DASH is a new game where you are a chef who is trained by Gordon Ramsay for becoming the best chef. The publisher of the game is Glu Games Inc. In the game your main aim is to play through all the levels, increasingly cooking the complicated dishes at higher rates. While playing the game, you have to collect the coins and gold. Through the coins, you can easily update your kitchen for making your work easier and speedy in service.


  1. The central aspect which you need to keep in mind is that you can hold two trays in your hand. The plate contains food and drinks so that you can serve two dishes and two drinks at a time. You can take advantage of this power and save your time.
  2. Through the game, you can get the coins any time and then click on the plus sign for next coin collection. If you want to collect more coins, then watch videos.
  3. Before making a kitchen, you need to check where the most significant blockages are.
  4. Update griller which helps you in cooking the multiple dishes at a time and also updates different dressing stations that make order speedily.
  5. The best thing about the game is, you can make partner from Facebook, but for this, you need to spend gold coins.
  6. When you replay the old level, then there is an opportunity to earn bonus take it and unlock other features.
  7. Once section 1 completed, the collection store will open where you can purchase a new look. It will charge a few coins.
  8. When the game starts, try to make more and more dishes and store it. Through this, it will make it more comfortable for you to serve.

Thus, these are some tips which help you in playing the game more effectively. Most of the people like to play a cooking game then Restaurant DASH is the best opportunity to play.



Interesting Things to Know about Matchington Mansion


It is the best-class three-puzzle game, which provides you the best puzzle gaming experience. Firecraft Studios creates the game recently, and its size is 37 MB. It is present for IOS and Android platforms. Users have to make sure that they are playing the game by applying more and more new and classic tips. Some of the main things about Matchington Mansion is that it consists of interesting and colorful puzzles.

The game also deals in in-app purchases and via it; one can easily buy anything in the game by their real-life money. Another thing is that players require to earn a lot of in-game currency in Matchington Mansion because it is mandatory for you to have a good amount of currency to move far in the game. Therefore, you only have to pay more attention to the method of earning currency by solving more and more puzzles. If you want to come to the top of the game, then you have to make use of Matchington Mansion Hack.

Make use of boosters and complete puzzles in fewer moves

The foremost task in the game is to solve as many puzzles as you can. Therefore, you have to do more focus on solving the puzzles with fewer moves and by using the boosters. The more and more you make use of boosters in Matchington Mansion, the easier you solve puzzles and mover forward in the game.

You can also use Matchington Mansion Hack option to move to the next step in Matchington Mansion. Not only is this, but you also have to apply some crucial and effective tips and tricks in the game to make the gameplay easy. The more tips, tricks, and strategies you make use in Matchington Mansion the easier it becomes for you to play Matchington Mansion.

Top 3 Drill Press With Complete Information

Top 3 Drill Press With Complete Information

The drilling-related activities are playing an important role in the construction and numerous other activities. For it, the professionals are required to take help from the perfect tool. In the market, you can see different types of drills. All are not beneficial in drilling all types of materials. For hard material, the users need to choose the way of a drill press.

Skill 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

The Skill 3320-01 3.2 Amp is manufactured by following a compact size. It is beneficial in several ways and provides an easy way to perform work with it. The drill press is highly beneficial for the individuals those are performing the medium level of work. The tool is completely designed with cast iron. Following points are providing complete information about the product –

Positive side –

•         The drill press is equipped with the 3.2 AMP motor.

•         The 10-inch swing is helpful in drilling the thick materials without any type of issue.

•         The user manual is beneficial in performing activities properly and with full accuracy.

Negative side –

•         The battery of the product is not so good.

Dewalt DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press

The use of this particular drill press is highly beneficial in different ways. The product has the motor with 10 AMP power and provides a good performance. The use of Dewalt DWE1622K is so easy as compared to some other drill presses. It includes different types of features and the biggest one is the speed control. It can be possible with the help of two different types of speed setting it has.

Mainly when anyone is using these types of tools at that time he/she may face some issues. These issues are related to the bit and machinery. Some individuals are performing work for many hours and it leads to the hotter condition. Here the users need to wait to cooldown the tool. In case of this particular one, you do not need to wait. You can understand it from the upcoming points.

Positive side –

•         The product is equipped with a magnetic system which provides cooling services. It is available in the form of a fluid and maintains the activities easily.

•         The drill is manufacture with numerous features and highly advanced technology.

•         The drill press has a spindle with the size of 4 inches. It is helpful in drilling the metal or wooden objects easily.

•         The company provides it with a protection safe which makes it easy to handle.

Negative side –

•         The system of changing the chuck may create some issues in front of users.

Wen 4214 12-Inch Benchtop Drill Press

The market is including numerous drill presses. When it comes to the best one at that time the name of Wen 4214 12-Inch appears in the list of topmost products. The drill is available at reasonable prices as compare to other similar types of products. The press is including a high power motor which can perform work on hard materials without any type of issue.

The drill is manufactured by adding different types of features. The most important one is the movement in the gadget. The user can tilt in both left and right direction at 45°. The highest speed which can be achieved by the motor easily is 3200 RPM. This particular thing makes it much better as compared to some other options.

Positive side –

•         The drill press is highly useful for the drilling purposes with hard plastic, woodworking, and metal sheets.

•         The speed of the drill can be controlled by the users without any type of issue.

•         It contains a good table which offers a better stability while performing the work with the drill.

•         The product is equipped with a light which provides proper light in dim lighting conditions.

•         The company adds a digital meter especially for notifying the speed of a motor.

•         The motor is containing the 2/3 HP.

Negative side –

•         The product is not suitable for the commercial purposes.

Final words

These are some best drill press available in the market. You can see numerous other similar products on the market. You should choose the suitable one after comparing different types of products and proper inspection, read more about this.

Key Facts About Episode Choose Your Story

Key Facts About Episode Choose Your Story

If you love to write or read stories then there are plenty of games present and you have to choose the one that suits your interest. Well, there are different developers that are creating these types of the game for the game lovers but they all don’t get the desired success. Episode Choose your story is a well known game which is developed by episodes interactive and this is also a popular game development studio. This is an amazing game that allows the players to put their imaginations into stories which means they can create stories in the game. This is really an interesting feature of the game which can easily get the attention of countless gamers from all over the world.

Develop your own character

The first thing which players should do in this game is to create their profile for which they have to answer the three simple questions. After this, they have to choose the gender, age and some other kinds of things. They also have to create their own character for which they have to choose the best hair color, skin tone, outfit and much more things. In this way, they can also customize their character in the game in order to create a good profile. This is also beneficial for the players to have a record of the stories that they have played. They can also follow the other players in order to watch their stories and profiles. This is really an interesting feature of the game which can grab the attention of lots of gamers from all around the world.

Change the  storyline

As you all know that players have to make choices in the game and this is the reason that they can play the story that suits their interest. There are multiple stories present but players can make choices and choose their favorite stories. They can also change the gameplay by making their choices in the game and this is one of the best features of the game. Players can also create the desired number of stories in the game that allow them to be the main character in their stories. This game is also different from the other types of game and this is the reason that it is getting popular day by day. Players have to create each and every episode of the story carefully in order to make it interesting.